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Summer Yoga Workshop

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Place your attention

Place your attention

July 13, 2017

 placeSeek out a space where you can lie down without being disturbed.  Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground.  Rest your palms lightly over the centre of your chest.This feels lovely.Settle …Let yourself be cradled by the earth beneath you.Now, gently guide your attention to the centre of … Read More

prāṇāyāma defined

prāṇāyāma defined

July 3, 2017

 what is prāṇāyāma?prāṇāyāma (regulation and mastery of the breath) is defined in the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali, as interrupting the natural movement or flow of the breath by becoming deeply aware of it.Each day set aside some time to breathe with awareness.Sit comfortably with your spine tall, this may take a little effort to begin with.Gradually … Read More



June 29, 2017

 b r e a t hBreathing is the essence of yoga. The breath has four phases or aspects.exhalationspace inhalationspaceTry this. Lie on your back, bend your knees, bring the soles of your feet to the ground.  Have your feet comfortably close to your buttocks and about hip width apart. Bring the arms a little away from the … Read More