Movement is the song of the body


Our small group classes offer individuals the opportunity to learn about yoga through intelligently structured practices, with sensitive guidance from the teacher. You will explore a wide range of posture and breath work, work with sound, establish the meditational qualities of yoga and learn the principles of hatḥa yoga.  

We offer group classes to suit all levels of experience, from the complete novice to those with an established practice.


Beginners: For beginning students. Classes will introduce the theory and practice of yoga through breath and posture work. If you are new to yoga or to this approach, these sessions are suitable for you. 

Experienced: For continuing yoga students looking to develop and perfect the techniques they have learned. Sessions will explore subtler yoga techniques through breath, movement, stillness, visualisation, meditation and sound.  

Advanced: Open to students that have had a thorough grounding in this approach.  These sessions are designed to compliment a personal practice, different themes will be delved into through breath, body, sound, visualisation and meditation. Yoga’s deeper teachings will be explored through the view of the Yoga Sūtra of Patañjali.


Their calming presence, non-judgemental attitude and kind spirits help to make their classes the best I have ever experienced.


We offer small group classes to suit all levels of experience