Individual pregnancy yoga lessons designed to prepare mothers both physically and mentally for birth through specific breathing techniques, gentle yoga postures, concentration and relaxation techniques.

Pregnancy is the beginning of a journey and can bring major life change. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can be wonderful. It can help expectant mothers:

  • Prepare for and integrate the process of change pregnancy brings
  • To form a bond with the unborn baby
  • To develop strength and flexibility in a gentle non-strenuous way
  • To raise energy levels, relieve stress and anxiety
  • To relieve common minor ailments sometimes experienced during pregnancy such as backache, swollen joints and heartburn.
  • To prepare the body and mind for the demands of labour.

“If mastery over one’s own breath
Is, indeed, so important in childbirth
It is because breath is what lies behind all that is
At the root,
Of the whole Creation.”

Frédérick Leboyer

Practicing yoga in pregnancy does not guarantee a wonderful birth, however it does prepare expectant mothers to deal with any eventuality, to concentrate and to focus, to maintain physical health and mental clarity.

Lessons can be attended after the 14th week of pregnancy.


  • Initial 30min consultation is free of charge.
  • First lesson 1hr 30mins £52.50
  • 1 hour lesson, £35.00
  • 10% discount on block booking of 6 lessons


Cancellations and appointment changes may be made without charge as long as a clear 24 hours notice is given. To respect my time please note that cancellations made with less that 24 hours are chargeable in full.